About Jessica Reynolds, LCSW

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Jessica Reynolds is a licensed EMDR-trained trauma therapist and the owner of The Purple Couch Counseling and Consulting. Jessica has been a social worker for eleven years and a therapist for the last six years. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Metropolitan State University and then went on to receive her Masters’s degree in Social Work from the University of Denver. Throughout working in the field of social work and mental health, Jessica discovered that there is a barrier within communities of color; she later concluded that people want therapy from those with who they can identify.

The Purple Couch Counseling and Consulting was then launched in October of 2019.

Jessica chose the color because purple is the color of royalty. She wanted to use her platform as a woman of color and a mental health professional to help people discover the royalty within themselves so that they’re able to continue to grow instead of staying stuck.

Jessica works with many clients with different backgrounds, and her niche is to work with women who have been through domestic violence situations. Jessica loves showing up in the therapy space as her authentic self so that her clients feel comfortable enough to show up as their authentic selves.


  • Years in Practice: 11 Years
  • School: University of Denver
  • Year Graduated: 2013
  • License and State: 60552 Texas

About Joelisse Galarza, LMSW

Skills: Fluent in Spanish, Extensive knowledge of community resources, History of working with people and developing interventions, A commitment to helping others, providing cultural humility

Joelisse Galarza is a licensed master social worker (LMSW) in the process of earning her clinical license. She earned a master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University in 2019. She has over four years of experience in the school setting, practicing social work with children, adolescents, and families in communities of color within San Antonio and New York City. Overall, her experience directly relates to youth and adolescents in helping them connect the pieces of their lives together throughout their growing years. While she love working with adolescents, she has developed a passion for assisting young adults and older adults to navigate their lives as well. Joelisse is skilled in crisis intervention, suicidal ideation and self-harm, depression, anxiety, grief, familial changes and struggles with academic success.

Social Work to Joelisse is not just a profession, it is a passion. Mental health for communities of color is not always equitable, she wants to bring awareness to our communities and allow them to access these resources in order to have an improved lifestyle. Her approach is to be trauma-sensitive, creating a safe space for healing as well as maintaining cultural humility. You are the expert of your life; and Joelisse is the assistant helping you navigate that journey. Joelisse’s role ultimately is to help you with recognizing signs and behaviors while learning how to develop appropriate coping skills in order to heal in positive ways that benefit you. Therapy is a journey; her first step is to ensure that we are the right fit in order to navigate your journey and find growth.

Joelisse’s overall expertise is centered in Cognitive Behavioral therapy, crisis intervention, solution-focused therapy, and mindfulness. YOU are the expert of your life, and Joelisse will always look towards ensuring you feel comfortable, safe, seen and heard.

Joelisse’s ultimate passion within her life is breaking down the stigma of mental health in communities of color, specifically youth, who often do not feel seen or heard within their lives. Currently, she also work in the school system in macro social work, building structures and systems so our youth have the mental health resources they need and deserve.

As someone who has overcome childhood trauma, we all need somebody to hear us, see us and who looks to understand us. Joelisse hope’s she can be that person for you in providing therapy that meet your mental health needs.


  • Years in Practice: 5 Years
  • School: Columbia University in New York
  • Year Graduated: 2019
  • License: Licensed Master Social Worker #68943

About Jordan Morrison, LMSW

Jordan Morrison is a licensed master social worker (LMSW) in the process of earning her clinical license. She earned a masters degree in Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University.

Jordan started with The Purple Couch in January 2021 as an intern providing therapy to young adults and is now back to continue providing therapy services. She has had experience working with families, children, and adolescents within nonprofit agencies and school systems amongst many communities around San Antonio. Through her experiences, Jordan has found passion in working with young women and teens who are navigating through life and are ready to begin their healing process.

Jordan is skilled in crisis intervention, anxiety, depression, self-esteem/self-love, family struggles and intimate partner violence. Jordan utilizes therapy modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused CBT, and mindfulness.

Jordan is an advocate for mental health needs within communities of color. Through her experiences in social work, she has worked to help individuals obtain mental health resources as well as advocating for cultural competence. Jordan takes this passion and incorporates it into her therapy work.

Jordan’s therapy approach starts with meeting her clients where they are at. You are the expert of your life and Jordan wants to help you find the solutions that work best for you. It is important to Jordan that you feel safe, supported, and heard in our therapeutic alliance. Jordan creates a safe space for you to be your authentic self. By doing this, we can begin healing and growth together!

Jordan hopes that she can provide you with a healing process through therapy that works best for you.

About Shaun Telepak

Shaun is a graduate student at Our Lady of the Lake University in her final year of the Master of Social Work program. Shaun’s desire to serve others began while serving on active duty in the Army. She discovered that helping soldiers and their families connect with resources in the community was the most rewarding part of being in the Army. Shaun’s passion for serving her community grew after retirement in 2018; she moved to San Antonio and dedicated herself to helping children in need.

Shaun became a licensed therapeutic foster parent caring for children who struggled to find a home due to advanced mental, emotional, and physical needs. As a foster parent, Shaun noticed the need for caring advocates extended past her front door, so she started her journey to become a licensed clinical social worker.

Shaun loves using her lifetime of knowledge and experience to help teenagers, young adults, women, service members, and veterans. She also enjoys working out, swimming, traveling, watching movies and tv shows, and spending quality time with her kids. Shaun is excited and honored to be a member of the Purple Couch Tribe.

About Chantelle Stoops

Chantelle Stoops is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years of experience working in the field of family and child welfare. She earned her Bachelor Degree in Family and Child Development from Texas State University in 2010 and went on to pursue her Masters of Social Work degree from The University of Texas – San Antonio. In 2015 she graduated, starting her official career in the social work field, eventually achieving clinical licensure in 2021. Throughout her time as a social worker, Chantelle’s passion for working with children and families has never wavered. Her desire to see families live life to their fullest potential keeps her motivated to be an advocate and create a safe space that is free of judgement and criticism.

Chantelle’s ultimate goal as a therapist is to help families realize their full potential. Nature is out of our hands, however, nurture will have the most important and everlasting impact on the emotional, physical and mental health of a child. By working with parents, and anyone else in their life, Chantelle hopes to instill in families confidence, patience, understanding and most of all, respect.

Chantelle has experience in parenting, couples enhancement, and CBT. She is certified in Level 1 Gottman Therapy. For the past 2 years, she has been working inpatient at Laurel Ridge Treatment Center and has gained experience in working with patients in crisis along with addressing multiple factors that impact mental health. Her experience inpatient has helped her realize that crisis is a symptom of our environment and is dedicated to helping anyone connect with the resources needed to support one’s whole health.

Chantelle is the mother to 3 wonderful and energetic boys, a loving wife and faithful daughter. Her hobbies at the moment include being a Football mom, dart player and a foodie. She is of Puerto Rican and Black descent. Social work is more than just a job for her, it is a lifestyle by which she practices daily. She is looking forward to walking alongside families, couples and individuals on their life journey towards peace and positive health.

About Rene “RJ” Ornes

For some, the biggest struggle in counseling is opening up. Something RJ brings to the therapeutic session is a knack for building connections through the projection of a comforting presence. RJ wants all of his clients to know that he commends you for taking the first step, and he looks forward to holding your safe space at The Purple Couch.

While overseas, in a period of his life marked by solitude and self-reflection, he discovered talents for bringing people together, controlling the narrative, and identifying strengths in others. He returned to The States with reinvigorated passions for: self-improvement, queer representation, attachment theory and the affect of media. If you asked him why he decided to become a counselor, he’d say that this avenue best merges what he’s good at with what he’s interested in – while directly helping others.

Currently enrolled in St. Mary’s University’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, RJ is on track to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor- Associate (LPC-A) in late 2022. He earned his undergraduate degree in International Studies with a focus in Communication and Media at Texas A&M University.

Therapy is work, and having the work cut out can sometimes be the hard part. His approach to counseling is an integration of Person-Centered therapy and Relational-Cultural therapy. Which means he practices in such a way that affirms the client is an expert on their own life, and cultivating healthy relationships is an essential part of the human experience. His job function is not to steer you in any direction but to collaborate with you by asking the challenging questions and making the tough observations, while still maintaining your best interest. Compassion is key. There is strength in vulnerability, and there is strength in building connections – including that of the therapeutic alliance.

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